Andriamahatony Satanirina (Sata)’s way to becoming a percussionist and singer was not predetermined; he should have succeed his father as a pastor. Nevertheless, he sang in the choir under the direction of François Rabenirainy (Benny) of the group “Lolo sy ny tariny”, and became a member of the band “Kôlibera” in 1999.
He intitially taught himself to play the drums, and after four years of musical practice went to learn from Pana, one of the most celebrated percussionists in Madagascar. Sata subsequently played in the band “Mpanako” and was a member of “Iraimbilanja”, a group stylistically oriented towards rock music.
Through his encounters with several of the other great musicians of the island, he learned about Malagasy musical tradition, which became a significant part of his musical work.