Dieudonné Randriamanantena (Donné) was already interested in percussion instruments by the age of eleven and dived into the world of the "vakodrazana Malagasy", the traditional Malagasy music culture, as early as he could. He was soon playing in the band of his uncle Ernest Randria; later he studied with Kôlibera, one of the founding members of “Feo Gasy”, in order to to become familiar with the Malagasy bamboo zither valiha. He later played in the group “Dadagaby” and various other formations, such as “Tarika Tarika”.
Until today, Donné is committed to the traditional musics of his homeland. Next to the Madagascar Roots Band, he also plays in “Ny Malagasy Orkestra” and in the group “Ernest Randria Zanany”.